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Get concrete pointers for your startup's landing page

Most people who visit your website, never sign up. What if you could get better conversion rates with a few tweaks? 

Hi, I'm a conversion copywriting specialist that's helped 50+ founders write and launch their site. I'll help punch up your landing page copy in a live 30-min video call. 
Get feedback, ask questions, and receive a list of high-priority notes at the end of the meeting. โ€‹

Elad Shmilovich
Founder of

โ  Beyond impressed...

"As a first time user of a copy writer, I wish I had found Claire much sooner. Claire totally changed my product from boring to brilliant and I could not be happier with the end result. Thoughtful, considered and very talented."

Still iterating on the same tired messaging just to get mediocre results?

๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ Spending hours struggling with your website copy, only to realize no one really gets what you do

โฑ๏ธ Agonizing over every feature description with no idea if you're actually explaining things right?

๐Ÿ’ฐ Can't figure out how to punch up that landing page copy so it turns visitors into signups? 

โ“ Asked everyone you know to take a look but still feel like you're guessing? 

๐Ÿ˜“ Hired someone, then gave up and wrote the page yourself without knowing what should go on the page? 

If you're struggling to explain what you've built?  Book your chat with me and get the answers you can't Google.

โ Oh my lord! This is incredible! I'm gonna go through this with a fine tooth comb. Your insights are amazing and... just.. wow.

- Shamoon Siddiqui

Finally KNOW what you need to change
to get conversions ๐ŸŽ‰

โ€‹Talk to your reader

Find out which sections of your web page alienate users and why.  Learn conversion best-practices that put the user (not your company) front and center.

Get clarity on your messaging 

It's hard to communicate your complex ideas on a single web page. I show you how to filter out the noise and get to the point. 

Find the low-hanging fruit you're missing

I help you find the easy wins so you don't have to struggle with overly complex  ideas or vague 'expert' page edits. 

A live video consultation packed full of actionable recommendations. PLUS get a written summary. 

Watch real video reviews in action 

What you get

Live 30 minute landing page review

Book your video consult and we'll jump on a 30-minute call where I'll dive into your landing page and share all the nitty gritty details of what's working and what's not. 

Video note & recording 

I'll send you the high-priority notes from our meeting along with a recorded video. 

Measurable results

Web content exists to sell. And that means you need to track what's happening on your page. I explain how to gather data while respecting visitor's privacy. 

More revenue 

Implement changes, activate tracking, and see the conversion rate go up. More conversions means more leads, more users, and more revenue. 

Zero-risk guarantee

I offer a no-questions asked money-back guarantee if you don't see a conversion increase. 

Amine Bell

โ You took a customer perspective

"You focused on the wording and thatโ€™s exactly where I needed an outsider perspective. I do my best and understand quite well English but not enough to give my content more impact. Definitely need to get clearer and more convincing. And well, your remarks are clever. You took a customer perspective, paying attention to the conversion funnel and I took in consideration every one of your points - will adjust my content accordingly."

โ Great experience with Claire. Very creative and talented writer. Knows how to make things very clear and concise.

Teddy Asafu-Adjaye 

โ Simply great work, but moreover - Claire's pro-active approach of thinking like she's part of the business was worth more than anything.

Rick James Chatas

โ The PERFECT creator who is a master at manifesting ideas in written word to captivate your audience and get them to take your desired call-to-action.

Joseph Nugen,

How to use your review

  1. Log onto the video call where I'll go through your landing page step by step. Ask questions when you need clarification. 
  2. Use the written notes & recording to quickly edit your web copy & design 
  3. Track your results and keep growing you userbase

Hi, I'm Claire Heginbotham  

I've helped 50+ startups write their websites and grow their customer base. Backed up with experience in marketing-related fields, copywriting and conversion is my specialization.

I chose early stage startups because I want to help founders innovate, solve meaningful problems, and build cool things.  

Fun personal facts

๐Ÿ™ƒ Yep, my surname sure is crazy-looking. You pronounce it
"heh-gin-boh-tham". All my social handles are @clairehagin for easy typing!  

๐Ÿ“I'm from the UK and grew up in South Africa and have worked with clients from US, UK, EU, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. It means you might hear a whole range of accents in your video review. 

๐Ÿ‘นI have a technical background in 3D animation and VFX. This means I'm used to diving into documentation and quickly deciphering complex ideas. It's one of the reasons why clarity is a strong feature in my copy. 



How does this whole thing work? 

How many pages will you review?

What days can I book the review for?

What if I want you to write my copy, not just review it?

How does the guarantee work? 

Why should I choose you? 

Your web copy is the cheapest sales team you'll ever hire

Get the expert advice you need to take your startup where it deserves to go. 

Money back guarantee.
No questions asked.